ρØωᵉŘ Fⓐ𝓃T𝐀sч

TSU Art Gallery at the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center + Third Space DFW

Curated by Anam | Press release

Tarleton State University College of Liberal and Fine Arts Department of Art; the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and International Programs; and Third Space DFW are pleased to welcome ρØωᵉŘ Fⓐ𝓃T𝐀sч—an exhibition of work by four artists—to the Clyde H. Wells Gallery of Art (Jan. 17 – Feb. 6, 2022). Artists will display contemporary intermedia work, and participate in a university-wide digital lecture, presentation, and Q + A during a virtual reception open to the public.

ρØωᵉŘ Fⓐ𝓃T𝐀sч exists at the intersection of escapism and agency. 

Jay Dye’s work straddles the physical and the immaterial, she crafts glitched-out visions of humanity where faces are informed but not imprisoned by cyborg existence. Distorted in oscillating psychedelic configurations, Dye contemplates the implications of hyperreal identities in an increasingly digitized culture.

Quantum Random Transmutation

Curated by VPC + Alexia Charoud

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Your phone buzzes on the counter, interrupting your morning ritual. It is not a number you have saved in your phone but it is local, and you have been looking for a job, so you think it may be a gig. The world is ending, of course, but for some reason you still need to pay rent in the meantime…