I have an MFA in Creative Writing. Most of my work is poetry and short fiction. In 2015, my poem “Hyoo-ack” was awarded Editors’ Choice by Scribendi.


”Anti-Personification”. Marathon Literary Review, 2022.

”Failure” Calliope, 2021.

”perfectly, immediately.” Calliope, 2017.

”Hyoo-ack.” Scribendi, 2015. Editors’ Choice Award.

”Happiness is.” Sapere Aude, 2015.

“108.” Calliope, 2014.

”The window fog of breath unbeautiful.” Calliope, 2012.

“And I can hear it.” Calliope, 2012.


“How to become a magical girl: Nora Hikari’s Girl 2.0 and the reclamation of gender.” Soapberry Review, 2022.

“Book Review: Mutiny by Phillip B. Williams.” Tab Journal, 2022.


”Eroica.” Scribendi, 2015.

”Ithaca.” Scribendi, 2015.


A Six Letter Word for Slime: Lemuria as Gender Identity. 2022. Cut-up.

Ghost Princess Art Book. 2019. Art.

Ghost Princess Mini-Comic Vol. 1+2. 2017. Comic.

My hair is let down and I feel like forgiving. 2017. Poetry.

To live in CA. 2016. Prose.

Mickey Mouse Zine. 2015. Art + Prose.

THIS IS A ZINE ABOUT THE NIGHT. 2014. Poetry + Prose.

Sadness & other failures of late capitalism. 2014. Poetry.

Recursion. 2013. Poetry + Prose + Art.