I have a BFA in Creative Writing. Most of my work is poetry and short fiction. I tend to be experimental. In 2015, my poem “Hyoo-ack” was awarded Editors’ Choice by Scribendi, a literary journal based out of the University of New Mexico. Currently, I am pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Chapman University in Orange, CA.


These are the short stories and poems I’ve written that have been published in literary journals and magazines.


I’ve self-published a number of zines. Most of them are limited edition and only available in-person at zine fests, but my 2018 poetry zine is available for free download (link below).

  • Ghost Princess Art Book, 2019 [Art / Available in person]
  • My hair is let down and I feel like forgiving, 2018 [Poetry / Available in person] [PDF Download]
  • To Live in CA, 2016 [Experimental / Out of Print]
  • Mickey Mouse Zine, 2015 [Mixed media / Out of Print]
  • THIS IS A ZINE ABOUT THE NIGHT, 2014 [Poetry and short fiction / Out of Print]